What is Arevim?

Arevim is a joint special project of Kupat Ha’Ir and all city tzeddakah funds in Eretz Yisrael. The project encompasses tens of thousands of member families who undertake to become arevim, literally guarantors, for one another in the event of the tragic passing of a parent, lo aleinu. In the framework of Arevim, every member family contributes a one-time donation of less than 6 NIS per yasom, raising a remarkable sum of 200,000 NIS for every yasom in the family simply and quietly and sparing the bereaved family unnecessary shame and suffering in their moments of greatest tragedy. The funds are collected from each member family and allocated for the yesomim following the resolutions of the Rabbanim of Arevim, as detailed in the Arevim Policy. 


The maximum charge per month is 72 NIS, and baruch Hashem, there are many months when no funds are collected at all (when there are no sudden deaths among Arevim members.) 


Arevim, which operates as a special project of Kupat Ha’Ir, functions with complete transparency. The process occurs immediately with the passing of the parent, with separate funds set up for each orphan and everything arranged quickly and smoothly without unnecessary delays or complications.  

The collected funds are immediately transferred into a special bank account that is opened in the name of the bereaved family, which allows them to track the account. Funds are invested in solid bank investments, following the instructions of Arevim’s Rabbanim and Gedolei Hador.  

Every month, all Arevim members receive an automated phone call or e-mail update regarding the collection details for the current month. Many times, the update will notify members that, baruch Hashem, there is no monthly collection. 

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Arevim Funds for Almanos & Yesomim Organization: 58-046-802-3
A Joint Project of Kupat Ha’Ir & City Tzeddakah Funds in Eretz Yisrael


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Automated Voice Messaging System for inquiries regarding dates and sums of charges



Arevim was founded by Gedolei Yisrael.

The following objectives were determined at the Founding Conference 2007.

  1. Arevim was founded to assist families in the tragic case of the death of a parent who leaves behind unmarried children up to age 35 (whose shidduchim depend on the parents’ financial commitment.)  The purpose of Arevim is to spare the necessity and tremendous effort and expense of launching collection campaigns to raise money for the orphans along with the resulting shame to the bereaved family.

  2. In the event of tragedy and death of a parent, chas v’shalom, Arevim members benefit from a special Arevim Fund that allocates a sum of 200,000 NIS per orphan up to age 35

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