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You must attach the relevant medical forms.

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**You must attach the relevant medical forms.

**All reported medical information must be accurate. Following the decision of Arevim’s Rabbanim, supplying inaccurate information is grounds for annulment of the yesomim’s rights in the event of a parent’s passing.

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  • Prior to collection, Arevim will send an automated voice recording with all collection details to the phone numbers listed above.
  • In the event that tragedy befalls any member family of Arevim, we commit to contribute a one-time sum of 5.7 NIS per orphan in the family.
  • Arevim will not charge a sum exceeding 72 NIS per month from any member.
  • In the event that the donor does not have rights regarding the project (or is not interested in the rights) and is joining the project for the same of the mitzvah, please complete the section below:

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